Next month we will be starting a new initiative at The Message Trust. The Message Reintegration Programme is an extension of our Message Enterprise Programme in prison. Though the years we have seen the huge challenges many young men face once leaving prison. It's not easy for someone to just get on with life after they have been institutionalized for so long behind bars. 

Dysfunctional families, lack of employment opportunities, gang ridden environments and the stigma of a criminal record place place huge barriers in front of young men who want to leave a life of crime and gangsterism. This program will be inviting young men who want to grow in faith and life to participate in a three month training program that will equip them for life and the workplace.

At The Message the Reintegration Programme will facilitate change reintegration through the following:

  1. Identify: We identify young men in and out of prison who have a intrinsic desire to change.
  2. Platform: Once we identify these young men, we provide a platform for them to flourish in faith and life. We do this through a holistic 3 month discipleship curriculum including spiritual, economic, social and emotional development.
  3. Mission: Through the platform each young man continues his journey in becoming a productive citizen that impacts his family, community and nation positively. This creates a ripple effect, where each young man inspires others through his own story of transformation.

If you would like to know more about the Reintegration Programme or recommend someone out of prison, please email for more information