An “Eden Expression of Interest”  from* is pretty thorough but it doesn’t allow us to get to know someone personally and hear their heart and passion for community transformation. This is one of the reasons why we have Taster days! Putting an Eden Team together is no easy task and requires a lot of prayer and discussion with our church partners. Taster days allow us to engage potential team members with the local church and to share more about the Eden-Network and our approach to community transformation, which includes teaching the Eden-Network 5 Distinctive's and Cornerstones. 

On Saturday the 25th of July the Eden-Network hosted an Eden Pelican Park taster-day with our church partners Cape Gateway International. The day started with a lovely breakfast and followed with input from our first Eden team’s leaders in Cape Town, Grant and Stef Porthen. Grant and Stef shared about what it has been like to lead an Eden Team in Salt River and to facilitate a team of urban missionaries in relocating to Salt River.

After the first morning session we returned to pray together for the community and then hit the streets for a prayer walk. The prayer walk took us around the community and through the vast newly Integrated housing development, including the new shopping mall which was recently erected. During the walk we had opportunities to stop, pray and engage a variety of people. This gave the team opportunities to share Christ, or just share with passers by who we were and what we were doing.  It struck the team that Saturday mornings is a great time in the week for prayer-walks rather than mid-week, as the streets were busy with people going to the shops or chatting outside their houses.

Once we returned back to the church, Tim Tucker shared from Acts 2 and 4 which was a reminder about what “Incarnational ministry” (The Word with skin on and living next door!) in an Eden team is all about. We further shared about how our recruitment final interviews were deliberately robust as we seek team members who are fully committed to stay for a minimum of 5 years in the community, living and sharing Christ by their words and matched by their living-next-door life-styles.

Pastor's Steve and Louise Flandorp then closed off the day at 1.30 pm with their words of encouragement and by praying for us all. 

If you would like to know more about the Eden-Network and possibly joining an Eden team then please contact Alastair Buchanan at