On the 26th July, The Message Trust hosted their Annual General Meeting where our stakeholders and members of the public gathered to hear the organisation’s highlights and accomplishments from 2017.

At the AGM the 2017 tax year financial report was officially adopted and is available here.



At the AGM, our CEO Dr. Tim Tucker addressed the public and shared about how God has shaped the direction and goals of The Message South Africa in 2017. The following are some excerpts from his speech:

One of the most critical outcomes of 2017, our fourth year as a ministry in South Africa, related to the questions we asked in terms of our purpose as an organisation. Specifically we looked at two things… what is the prophetic role that God has placed upon us as a ministry in Cape Town? And how do we ensure that all we do is connected to the purpose we feel that God has given us?

It’s easy for an organisation like ours to get caught up in “good activity”, but we always need to evaluate whether our activity is contributing to our central purpose. Given some of the testing times that we went through during 2016-2017, there was a danger of fragmentation and the team operating in different silo’s… whereas the global vision of the Message is united by a single goal – to raise up generations of urban heroes.

As CEO, I felt it was also important to develop language that contextualised the global goal of the Message to reflect what we believe our specific purpose is here in Cape Town. A few years ago we began to articulate our long-term objectives as: Empowering young people, Equipping the church, Eradicating gangsterism and Expanding into Africa. These all still stand… but we wanted something that more succinctly expressed our prophetic role in Cape Town, while not disconnecting from the global vision of The Message.

As an exec team, we reflected on what God had been saying and doing through us over the past four years… and then, together with the board, agreed on the following statement –We exist to be a Catalyst for new stories through the Gospel…

…We have a five year vision to be a catalyst for new South African stories through the Gospel as we develop an environment that enables Urban Heroes to flourish in faith and life. By 2022 we are planning on hosting our first city-wide youth evangelism initiative called the Higher Tour. Over the next five years we want to cultivate partnerships across the city with churches, businesses, schools and communities in order that we can have a significant culture-shifting impact. We believe that mobilising young people for missions is critical if we are to stem the tide of gang violence that plagues communities across Cape Town.

I sincerely believe that this is the most significant development that came out of 2017…

However, God also continued to do amazing things through our team…We launched our MEP reintegration programme, opened our first Gangstar Café, released three new mission programmes: RespectME, Genetic Sessions and Refocus. Our Eden Salt River team purchased a safe-house for at-risk women. Our Eden Nyanga team saw many children come to Christ through their soccer programme. We impacted almost 40000 young people through creative mission… while went deep and found work opportunities for 8 ex-offenders. So I want to sincerely thank our staff and volunteers for all their incredible hard work in 2017!!