It is an honour to see the love of God manifested in others lives and hear testimonies of the Lord's goodness. We love seeing people transform through the power of God's grace. Today, we want to share Sheldon's story with you - a man who was addicted to heroin for 14 years but is now addicted to the Lord and a trained barista, currently job shadowing at The Mess Cafe

"I was born and raised in Salt River where I lived with my grandparents and mom. My family loved God and tried to raise with Christian principles. I attended Sunday school and even though I never made a commitment to God earlier in my life, I knew there was a God who loved us.

Change in my life came when I went into high school.  I always wanted to be in a gang and high school was my chance to join one. I knew very little about what I was actually getting myself involved with. Gang fights began erupting at school and in my neighbourhood. My school attendance was replaced with hanging with the gang and doing drugs. This lead me to becoming a heroine addict.

This was a very dark and lonely part of my life. As I would be on the run and live in fear of getting caught either by the police or a rival gang, I continued to spiral deeper and deeper into heroine addiction.

Eventually, I ended up in prison, serving a six year sentence. After being released, I went back to my old ways, falling back into heroine addiction until I joined a support group for recovering addicts.

In this group, we attended church every Sunday as part of our rehabilitation program. One Sunday, Grant Porthen (the Message Trust's Eden Network Coordinator) shared his testimony and I related to his life story. It felt like Grant understood everything about me. After the service, I reached out to him and told him a bit of my story. He invited me to his house for lunch, and on that day, God spoke to me in a miraculous way, which lead me to give my life to Jesus later that evening.

Ever since that day, I’ve seen God working miracles in my life! I was addicted to heroine for 14 years but now I am free. I strongly believe God set me free so that, through my testimony, I can help others find freedom from the bondage of drugs through Christ.

I am currently a trained barista and my vision is to have my own prison ministry to help advance the good news and hope of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to God for the freedom He has given me and that I get to share about His goodness."

Sheldon is currently job shadowing as a barista at The Mess Cafe, and since his arrival, we've seen him grow in service to God and the customers he comes accross on a daily basis. We are blessed to have him and excited to see what God has in store for him in the future!