It would be awesome to not just see people in the community at church on a Sunday, but to connect with them throughout the week and build relationships.
— Xola, Khanyisa Community Church

Our Eden Network, in partnership with local churches, is passionate about sending out teams of urban missionaries to neighbourhoods where gangsterism and crime is high. These missionaries are dedicated to sharing the Gospel, making disciples, and transforming communities.


At our fourth annual Proximity Conference in September, our Eden Network shared about the challenging issues of living the gospel in difficult circumstances, as well as some inspiring testimonies of real-life community transformation that our Eden teams have been able to experience. As a follow-up to the conference, the Eden Network hosted an Exploring Eden event on Thursday 5th October, to discuss the practical details involved in setting up an Eden Team and its support network to those interested in joining or supporting a local Eden Team.

It was a very relaxed evening sharing about how our life has been as Eden members. It’s not easy, it’s sacrificial; suffering for something you believe in. It’s not all roses, but it’s definitely fulfilling and a beautiful experience.
— Warren, Team Member - Eden Salt River
It’s about the process, not the product.
— Grant, Team Leader - Eden Salt River


Exploring Eden was held at Khanyisa Community Church in Tambo Village and was geared specifically towards those interested in possibly getting involved in the new Eden Tambo Village Team currently being developed. Around 25 people attended the event (about half of whom were visitors) and had the opportunity to hear from current Eden members from various, already developed teams across Cape Town. These members shared real-life stories about their experiences; from becoming an Eden team member and their preconceptions, to their current involvement within Eden in the communities they live in. Detailed information about the process of starting up with a new team was also available and afterwards, those that were interested in becoming part of Eden Tambo Village were encouraged to fill out a form in order to start taking the next steps. We are very encouraged by the turnout of those interested in joining an Eden Team that night, and are excited to watch this new Eden Team gain members and continue to develop.

We need to meet regularly and pray and get the momentum going. We need to set up prayer walks to start building excitement for whats happening here in our community.
— Siviwe, Pastor at Khanyisa Community Church, Tambo Village