Respect ME is an exciting new project that is a part of The Message Trust family. It is a schools based program that helps to equip young people to make positive choices that won’t only impact them but those around them. It looks at those areas of our lives that are so important to who we are as individuals yet people find difficult to talk about. 


How are you doing it?

We have a range of different sessions and each is rooted in value and positivity. The lessons are interactive and informative, we give overviews, share stories, look at statistics and discuss how we can help make change in our own spheres of life. They are aimed not to tell young people how to make good choices but to go on a journey with them and guide the discovery of these positive choices themselves. 


Why are you doing it

I am doing this project because I fully believe in young people each having God given potential. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by negativity and false expectations I believe it is important for us to know who we are, the value we hold and the depth to which we are loved. 


What are the objectives/goals you are aiming for?

I want to see as many young people as physically possible to show them the truth, that they are incredible young men and women that have  purposes, hope and exciting futures! I want young people to really have full and happy lives and know their value. I want to see young peoples lives changed and transformed in the way they think about these what have been in the past “sticky” areas of their lives. 

Written  by: Naomi Plant 

Edited by: Siseko Ngwayishe