After six months of preparation, many rehearsals and radio interviews, we finally hosted the Launch of our Creative Missions Team, KineticIV, at Kaleidoscope Cafe in Claremont on Saturday, 1 August 2015. The evening was filled with excitement, as over 160 people attended from all over Cape Town. 

The evening started off with a bang when the band hit the floor and brought the house down with their first track "More Than This". Our audience was not not sure what to expect, but as soon as Gilead had introduced the band they had won over the crowd! Jabulani and Meryl shared their testimonies, and many were moved by how God has transformed their lives. The fan favourite on the evening was the song entitled “Storm”, it had many people, both young and old, on their feet jumping up and down!

During the interval many people flocked to the enterprise table to purchase their copy of the KineticIV’s first EP. The place was buzzing, as many people were discussing the talent of the band and the potential to impact many youth across Cape Town through their music. 

After the break, the band was interviewed by our Prisons Team Leader and CCFM Presenter, Preston Jongbloed. During this time, KineticIV members Justin and Gilead shared their testimonies and all the members shared about their recent 6 month training programme with The Message Trust Academy in the UK. Another highlight of the evening was that we were about to introduce our new Creative Missions Team Leader, Shaun Pretorius. Shaun shared his reason for wanting to be a part of the missions team and shared about how people can support KineticIV work amongst youth across Cape Town.

The evening ended with the band taking pictures with members of the audience and many people purchased our new KineticIV EP’s.

Here are some quotes from members of the audience about the launch! 

I can see God in them individually and as a group. I pray that they reach many nations and that the youths they encounter will be changed by their message.
— Kim Lisa Meyer
It was a pleasure to listen to them on radio, and today I feel blessed to have met them. They are the change we need to see in our generation.
— Matteo from CCFM
I think it’s amazing what the team are doing, It’s important and so necessary for this generation.
— Marissa Stafford

KineticIV will be working with churches, prisons, communities and other charities across Cape Town.

If you would like to know more about KineticIV and purchase their newly released EP (R80) then please contact us on

Here are some more pictures from the evening

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