We met up with Leah, Message SA’s new volunteer prayer coordinator, to find out a little about her.

 MARK: Leah, welcome to The Message Trust! Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Leah Ramazani

Leah Ramazani

LEAH: I was born in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC). My family gave me the name of Fatuma Ramazani but I prefer people to call me Leah. When I became a child of God, I chose this name which means ‘weak’ because I knew that even though I’m weak, God is my Sustainer.

I grow up in Congo’s Eastern Province in a small city called Uvira in South Kivu, and I went to grade school and high school there. I love my homeland but because of the war I fled the country in 1996 and sought refuge in different neighbouring countries. I have been in South Africa for over ten years now – I went to college in Kalk Bay and I have been involved in ministry to people with different needs in Cape Town since 2007.

I come from a big family – my father is a polygamist man with three wives – altogether we are 19 children! I'm the second born in the family. Most of my family are not saved, so please pray with me for them. I'm single and I have learned to be content in my singleness; by God's grace I have peace and joy. I love Jesus because he has found me and loves me.

MARK: The four values of The Message Trust are passion, church, innovation and community. Firstly, tell us what you’re passionate about?

LEAH: My heart's desire and passion is to see transformation in people's life and watch them being developed by using their God-given talents and potential to the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because ‘God desires all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth’, God has called me and put a passion to serve him wholehearted. I believe that what he has done in me by the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and the Word he is able to do for them, too.

MARK: Tell us a bit about your church?

LEAH: The church I come from is called Point Community Church in the Sea Point area of Cape Town. It is a church plant started in 2009, a small congregation made up of people form different countries and backgrounds. Recently I moved from the Sea Point area in order to move into the Salt River area, and I have started attending Jubilee Church.

MARK: Before joining us, you have been involved in some interesting local government projects. What have you learned about community from the work you’ve carried out in some diverse areas?

LEAH: I never actually worked in a government project, but I was involved in the church plant as a volunteer worker which involved reaching out to many people with different needs. The big lessons I learned were: 1) Never undermine anyone, people are people so accept who they are; 2) Say hello with a smile on your face; 3) Be available to spend time with people, listen to their life stories and show that you are interested in them; and 4) Be yourself. 

MARK: The Message loves developing new innovative ways to reach youth – what was it that specifically attracted you to join The Message team?

LEAH: What attracted me was your love for God and for people and your passion to share God's Word in words and action – in other words, living the gospel. I love what you stand for as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

MARK: If you could say one thing to the youth of South Africa what would you say?

LEAH: Never ever give up in life. Come to Jesus, the Answer for all our problems!

MARK: Thanks, Leah!

LEAH: Thank you! I thank and praise God for opening the door to be here and be part of the Message South Africa team.