Gangstar Enterprises is a brand (under the umbrella of The Message Trust) that often raises eyebrows and concerns as to why it’s being promoted and encouraged when the word "gangster" has such a menacing and destructive effect (to mention but a few) in our city. I consider it a pleasure when these questions and concerns are raised as it gives me an opportunity to share something new and meaningful; to share that Gangstar Enterprises represents something positive. It creates job opportunities for 'urban heroes' - those who were once the problem in our communities and have now become the solution.


It is where work experience is gained and positive relationships are formed. This is where we have the opportunity to realize it is actually OKAY to fully pursue things that were not in our plans (or even an option) before. Personally, it is also where I have learned to be organized at home and be the father that I once yearned for, to my son. 

Working within Gangstar Enterprises has brought forth significant moments where voices that once said, "you will not make it," were hushed and changed into a voice that genuinely said, "I was wrong about you."


None of this would have been possible without God, but as a former prisoner, what do I know? This is just my 'blahblah,' which if you couple that with ',' you will have the email address to The Soft Machine; the business that was first established within Gangstar Enterprises. This is the business that I now manage and am striving to use for employment opportunities to blokes coming out of prison, just like me.

Jade Wyngaard, Soft Machine Coordinator