On Thursday, 2nd November, KineticIV hosted their "This Is Our Time" Vision Night at Grace Chapel in Woodstock, Cape Town. 


The event kicked off with a brilliant street & hip-hop dance routine by the youth in The Message Trust's Genetik Sessions-Salt River team. Having them part of the night was not only a special treat for all those attending, but even more so to the kids participating in the event. They have been practicing their hearts out since they found out they would have the chance to be a part of such an important night. 


Afterwards, KineticIV stole the show and held the audience's attention with their extravagant performances and productions. The night included some story-telling, a few spoken words, some wicked dance moves, and finished off with them performing the reveal of their brand new single "This Is Our Time" while the music video premiered behind them. 

This is definitely YOUR time...and we are honored to have been part of it and will continue to support your journey both as a group and as individuals. Thank you for allowing us into your world. It’s opened up our eyes to the beauty that lies beyond the mundane and showed us the creative side of Christ, which we so often forget that He is!
You remind us of his multi-dementional personality and character..and last night reflected that.
— Anonymous, Vision Night Guest

"This Is Our Time" to make a difference in South Africa and make communities safe again. For gangsterism, drugs, and alcohol to be eradicated from our streets and our households. "This Is Our Time" to join hands and begin changing the stories of hopelessness into stories of freedom and victory. If you are passionate about seeing the communities of South Africa change, then contact us and see how you can get involved!